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Life Science

Our Specialty

We know life sciences and the people who make them possible.

We build the teams and deliver the leadership that develops creative life-saving research, technology and methodology. Our consultants are also specialists, sourcing that talent that is hard to find, credentialed and guaranteed to exceed the high standards your company uses to drive an industry that vastly improves the quality of so many lives.

We Deliver Intellects. We Source Creativity.

We Bring Leaders.

  • Principal Research Scientist
  • Global Commercial Director
  • Field Service Engineer
  • Scientist – various levels and specialties
  • Medical Science Liason
  • VP of Human Resources
  • HR Business Partner
  • Executive Assistant
  • DevOps Architect
  • Chemist
  • Microbiologist
  • Director of Operations
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Medical Device Sales/Account or Territory Manager
  • Pharmaceutical Sales – various specialties
  • Hemophilia Territory Manager
  • QA Manager
  • Call Center Director

Transforming Obstacles

Into Prolific Scientific Discoveries

Through 46 years of substantial industry engagement, we have gained and gathered the industry experience to find the unique individuals who make creative and transformative innovation possible.

Our executive-level search process has placed the leading minds that push the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical devices industries towards the research and technology that affects all of us.

We make people the priority in our process.

Let us help you find the talent you need for consistently superior results.

Build teams at the pace of discovery and before the breakthroughs.